Learning Numbers

I’m now trying to memorise the numbers in Korean.  Not easy.

Why not?  Because there are two sets, the “real” Korean, and the Chinese-Korean version:


This list is from here.

I have an app on my phone for this, from Simply Learn Languages.  It’s a great app, and the woman’s voice is fantastic.  I even wrote the app maker an email today:

How can we help?
Please provide full details about any problem.

Love the woman’s voice.   Deep and relaxing, not high and cutesy.   As a man, I don’t have to worry sounding girly if I copy her pronunciation.

Thanks for this app!

I’m working on  1 to 10, mostly in the Native Korean.  Mostly because I figure the Sino-Korean (Chinese) will be easier for me, since I speak Mandarin Chinese already.

I’ll try doing exercises to these sets of numbers.  That really helps with memorisation.




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