My Korean Name

제갈영 Jegal Yeong MY KOREAN NAME.jpg

My Korean name is 제갈영 Jegal Yeong. It’s taken from my Chinese name:

Traditional: 諸葛榮凱

Simplified: 诸葛荣凯

Pinyin: Zhūgé Róngkǎi (sorry, for some reason WordPress separates the “a” & “i”)

This family name is from my wife, who is related somehow a lot time ago to the famous Chinese army general Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮 / 诸葛亮).

I got rid of the  凱 / 凯  / kǎi  because my friend says the Korean translation sounds like “dog” (gae).  I’m waiting for his response to another translation of I found online, the name of a Chinese warlord 袁世凱 / 袁世凯 / Yuán Shìkǎi위안스카이.  So why can’t I have 카이 Kai as the last part of my name?

Stay tuned for the answer!




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