How I’m Learning Korean (So Far . . . )

Eager To Learn Korean.jpg

I just sent an email to a former colleague in Settlement Services.  She’s a lady who does Settlement for the Korean community locally.  I was explaining to her how I’m learning Korean.  Here it is:

A couple months ago, I started doing language exchange with the husband of an old client, Mr Park.  You may know him.  His wife is Ms Choi.
My language learning includes:
– watching lots and lots of Korean movies downloaded on to my home computer, watching slowly and noting new words, and also frequently going to the Coquitlam Cineplex Odeon theatre where they have new Korean movies almost weekly.
– Using a couple Korean For Beginners books
– Listening to Berlitz, Pimsleur and other CDs / MP3s in my car
– Watching Youtube videos like sweetandtastyTV ( and KoreanClass101 (
– using a few apps on my phone
– writing new words in dollar store mini notebooks, then reviewing
– trying to find some good Indie, rock, hip-hop and K-Pop singers / bands and songs to learn
– beginning to cook and eat Korean food at home (my wife  is happy about this!)
I haven’t yet reached the point where I’m going out and practicing much, but that’s my plan.  I’d like to find some group activities around Guildford and Tri-Cities area [my local area] to attend.  Hoping to make some more friends and business connections.  My friend Mr Park said there may be a few local groups that do fishing, enjoy nature, etc.  I’m no longer religious, so I don’t attend church or temples the way I learned Chinese & Vietnamese a couple decades ago.  Therefore I have to find some new ways to meet people.  

This is an exciting adventure!


Vin 제갈영

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