Did You Eat?

So I’ve arrived at 51:14 of the South Korean vampire movie Thirst (Bakjwi), where the female character Tae-ju asks San-hyun the Catholic priest: “Have you eaten yet?”

To my virgin Korean-learner ears, it sounds like: “Sik jaha jo soyo?”

So I tracked this down here and found it is: “식사하셨어요?”, transliterated as “Shiksa hashutsuyo?”  Apparently this is the high and formal way of asking.  From a pretty woman to a sex-starved vampire priest, yes, I could see it as necessarily being formal.  When San-hyun gets defrocked, maybe Tae-ju can drop the formality and say: “밥 먹었어요? (Bap meogeoseoyo?) ”

thirstpic (1)

So I looked on Youtube and found a few videos about this:

The formal way, again, in a girly way:

44. How to say “Have you eaten?” in Korean – learnkoreanwithlily

Why Do Koreans Say “Did you eat?” |”밥 먹었어?” a lot?? Korean Culture Shock| Learn Korean with HanNa – KoreaFever

HanNa here gives the pronunciation and a dialogue with the sayings inserted.  Very thorough and very much over my head and current level.  But, what the hey?!?!?!

And here is a video with the saying in a more manly way:

How to Say “Did You Eat?” in Korean and Busan Dialect (Busan Satoori) – 부산남자 GuGiOppa

Pusan Accent Lesson: Did you eat? – True Heart  A fellow Euro-Canadian from near me.  (Best to start listening at 2:23.)  Pusan dialect sounds easier to learn.

Cheers, mates!



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